Dress to impress

Dress to impress: the right clothes for the interview

So what’s the right look for your interview? Authentic, business-like, casual or individual? Choosing the wrong thing in the wardrobe can very quickly put you out of the race. Our tips will show you how to make a good impression with your style in the interview.

Interview and clothes: feel comfortable or fulfil expectations?

Your clothing is your second skin. It reflects your internal attitude and personality. If you want to make a big impression in the interview, along with your intelligence and appropriate body language, you need the right outfit. The right outfit is one where you feel comfortable while also adhering to standards specific to the sector. Remember two things before you reach into your wardrobe:

  • If it pinches and is too tight, you won’t seem relaxed in the interview. So wear any new clothes for a couple of hours before as a test.
  • Don’t force anything on yourself that doesn’t suit you. Choose clothes for the interview that underlines what kind of person you are in a positive way. Remember: first impressions count. And the human resources manager gets their first impression within three seconds.

The sector defines the fashion: appropriate clothes for the interview

Suit or outfit, simple and elegant is always a solid choice for an interview – regardless of the sector. Depending on the sector, your clothes for the interview can sometimes be a little more creative.

Finances and banking, insurance industry, consulting:
Conservative, classic, well-groomed – you’ll be welcomed happily to the interview if you turn up like this. Men will be well-dressed in a suit or suit jacket, women with a matching outfit or trouser suit. Bright colours like pink, red or orange should be left at home in the wardrobe. An eye-catching touch for the men’s outfit: cuff links.

IT industry:
Will regular contact with customers be part of the job you’re going for? If not, then you can take a bit more liberty when you choosing your clothes for the interview. Think about which sector your potential employer works in beforehand. If you are applying for an IT job at a bank, then their dress code applies. As a future employee of a software company, you can also turn up to the interview in jeans, a polo shirt and jacket or blazer. You’ll never be off the mark in business casual here.

Advertising industry, creative jobs:
Anything goes, except boring and average. As long as your clothes are ironed and clean, the creative sector tolerates more unusual outfits. Striking patterns, denim jackets and sweatshirts can all be worn to the interview. Tennis socks with dark trousers or too much cleavage are however always taboo everywhere.

Attractively dressed: tips for a winning outfit for your interview

Washed, ironed, well-groomed: whether male or female, your clothes for the interview must fulfil these criteria. Are you unsure about the dress code? Then, in case of doubt, you’re better off dressing a bit more formally than too casually.

Tips for women:

  • Less is more: subtle makeup, discreet nail varnish and selected jewellery are appropriate for an interview. What’s especially stylish: accessories in matching colours.
  • Don’t show too much cleavage.

Tips for men:

  • Ties that are subtle in colour and design. Perfectly tied: the tip should end right above the button of your trousers.
  • Manicured hands and a clean shave are a necessary part of your look for the interview. The exception: a well-groomed beard.
  • Match the individual parts of your outfit: your belt should match your shoes.

General tips on the topic of interview and clothes:

  • Shoes: open shoes like flip-flops or sandals are taboo for an interview.
  • Colours: dark blue is the ideal business colour, grey or brown is also a good option. Pair this with a blouse or shirt in white or pastel colours. But don’t combine more than three colours and two patterns.
  • Tattoos and piercings: if possible cover your tattoos and remove facial piercings.